Welcome Home! First Steps and General Help

VCity has TWO user levels:
Freely registered VCitizens can view about 75% of VCity's Post and use all basic functionality.
VResidents can view every VCity's post and use all extended features like "High Res Pics", "Archive", "Camera Chat" and much more.

You only VIEW and do not POST Pics?

There are many on VCity who only look at others' pics and videos and never post themselves.

In this case, just try to remember:

  • Click 'LIKE' if you like a post
  • Leave Comments for the Posters
  • You can click "FOLLOW" on any VCity HomePage that you like!
  • Once you did that, EVERY POST of that Poster will be transfered to your PERSONAL WALL!
  • Nobody else than yourself can see your personal wall! This means that following your favorite posters is always a good idea and you will never miss a single pic they posted..because it appears on your personal wall
  • Navigation: How to find the pics and videos you like?
  • Only looking at the "ALL POSTS WALL" is the worst thing you can do. You will miss a lot!
  • Apply Filters!
  • Click on the TAGS which are beneath each post!
  • Click on the posters name and visit his homepage!
  • Select "TAGGED OVERVIEWS from the menu to see structured overviews about Wives, Sex, Clothing, Whatever!
  • Check out the menus and click click click..there are dozens of ways to navigate within VCity...it will take you some time to find your favorite navigation method!
  • View All Posts & Your Personal Wall
    Other Methods to navigate - For example: View All Wife Related Walls

    List all MILF Homepage and many many more...

Your Lounge

Your LOUNGE is your most important page! On your LOUNGE PAGE you can
  • Set up your Profile
  • Change your Password
  • Upgrade your Account
  • Receive Discounts
  • Upload Contris to VoyeurClouds
  • and much more...
Go to your LOUNGE

You want to POST yourself?

You can easily upload pics and videos to your personal homepage and submit contris to VoyeurClouds!" %}

Before you start posting:

  • Go to your Lounge and complete your PROFILE!
  • 1. Enter information about your homepage
  • 2. Upload your PROFILE PIC

Now you can start posting on your blog! Remember:

  • Select the proper category (LifeStyle, Voyeur, ...)
  • Always put tags into the grey field!
  • Tags are seperated by commmas!
  • Example tags: Topless wife, big boobs, horny wife, outdoors
  • No tags? No likes, no followers, no comments after a few hours!!! People will not be able to locate your posts!
Every pic and video that you post will appear on your HOMEPAGE, on your PERSONAL WALL, on the Category's Wall (for example "LifeStyle") and on every WALL with a valid tag, like for example "Topless Wife Wall".

You want to post contris to VoyeurClouds?

  • 1. Go to your Lounge.
  • 2. Select "Contris to Voyeurclouds".

Step by Step

1. Go to your Lounge and set up your profile and upload profile pic.
Lounge: Set up your Profile
2. Start Posting on your Personal Wall: Start Posting on your Personal Wall